Member Marketing Advantage 

Exclusive to Chamber members, this 12-month program helps businesses expand their marketing reach via social media and radio, partnering with WHMI radio and Eleven Marketing and Consulting.

We can help you target your marketing!

High Impact, Low Cost, Chamber Member Exclusive
12 Automated monthly payments of $149 or one time payment of $1,788

Your 12 month campaign includes…

Radio Campaign

  • Two 10-13 minute guest spots on our WHMI radio show…Howell Chamber Business Beat
  • Video recordings live on the WHMI podcast library, “On Demand Library” and on the Howell Chamber YouTube channel
  • You will receive a copy of the video recordings & Audio recordings
  • Each show is highlighted 15x per week Mon-Sat. Guests will be highlighted.
  • Exclusive opportunity to connect with your community and customers in a personal and conversational way.

Social Media Campaign

  • One on one strategic marketing session with a seasoned professional to create a customized ad (not a boosted post) with content specific to your business and needs…up to three edits per ad..
  • Your ad will run on Facebook and Instagram
  • 2.3-6.5k shared impressions per day (daily reach range)
  • Targeted ads: Male and Females ages 25-64 with a $75,000+ annual household income
  • Professional team specializing on the ever-evolving algorithms for optimum impact on FaceBook

Marketing Advantages

  • Quarterly analytic reporting available for social media campaigns
  • Exclusive opportunity to this method of radio advertising
  • Co-branding with Howell Chamber, WHMI and other members
  • Cross Platform Saturation; Hearing you on the radio combined with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube exposure
  • Exclusive Ala Carte pricing for additional community minute donut ads, radio spots and ad creation for social media campaigns
  • Reinforces your alignment within the community
  • Strategic marketing ads created for you by seasoned industry professionals with your direct input…saving you money and time.
  • You receive links to all of the content created to use in other marketing campaigns
  • Creates a higher SEO (search engine optimization) ranking on Google and all search engines
  • Priced to fits within the 5% of fluctuating profits for most businesses-general rule of thumb for marketing budgets.
  • Combined with your landing page and HOT DEALS on a powerhouse marketing advantage
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